Pharmacotherapy in Glaucoma


Selim Orgül, Josef Flammer

Pharmacodynamics: General Aspects of Drug-Tissue Interaction
Theodor W. Guentert

Pharmacological Mechanisms of Action of Drugs Commonly Used to Treat Glaucoma Patients
Ivan 0. Haefliger, J. Fleischhauer, J. Flammer

From the Molecule to the Commercially Available Drug
Christian Surber

Pharmaceutical Qualities of Drugs Suitable for the Eye
Christian Schoch

Physiological Aspects in the Transfer of Topical Drugs into, within, and out of the Eye
Rudolf Markstein

New Aspects in Aqueous Humor Dynamics
Michael Wiederholt

Adrenergic Regulation and Its Therapeutic Aspects in the Eye
Christian Prünte, R. Markstein

Beta-Blockers in the Treatment of Glaucoma
Anthony J. Bron, G. Chidlow, J. Melena, N.N. Osborne

Comparison of the a2-Agonists Clonidine, Apraclonidine and Brimonidin
Carl Erb

Parasympathetic Drugs in the Eye
Jürg Messerli

Carbonic Anhydrase: Pharmacology and Inhibition
Norbert Pfeiffer

Use of Topical Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition in Glaucoma Treatment
Gábor Holló

Prostaglandins: Mediators of Intraocular Pressure Control?
Christian Maihöfner, U. Schlötzer-Schrehardt, H. Gühring, G.0.H. Naumann, K. Brune

Prostaglandin Receptors in Ocular Tissues and their Pharmacological Influence
Karl-Georg Schmidt

Glaucoma Treatrnent with Latanoprost
Michael Diestelhorst

Systemic Hypertension and Hypotension: General Aspects and Impact on Glaucoma
Bruno Bucheli, S. Orgül, E. Battegay, B. Martina, P. Gasser, J. Flammer

Should and Can Vasospasms Be Treated?
Konstantin Gugleta, S. Orgül, J. Flammer

The Role of Vasospasm in the Pathogenesis of Diseases
Josef Flammer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glaucorna Surgery and Antimetabolites
Carlo E. Traverso

Trabeculectorny with a Scleral Tunnel Technique Combined with Mitomycin-C
Doina Gherghel, S. Orgül, Ch. Prünte, J. Flammer

Protection from Ganglion Cell Death by Substances that Act on Calcium Channels
Neville N. Osborne, G. Chidlow, J. Melena, M.S. Nash, J.P.M. Wood

Neuroprotection: The View of a Neurobiologist
David Hicks, J. Sahel

Neuroprotection in the Eye: What's on the Horizon?
Alain Bron

Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma and the Role of Pharmacotherapy in the Management of Glaucoma Patients
Selim Orgül, J. Flammer

The COMOD(R) System - A Preservative-Free Drug Therapy Against Glaucoma
Dorothea Gross


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